Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh You Devil

The Devil is one of the rarest and sort after character in Halloween Decor. Why well I guess it is because this fellow is considered evil and bad. Why would you invite him into your home. I was actually asked by a family member not to make them. Well mine are not very scary or evil I was surprised by the request. I guess fear of the Devil can run deep. So on that note here is some devilish folklore I found.
~ Bonfires on All Hallows Eve were to honor the changing seasons the church decided instead they were fine and their purpose was to keep the Devil at bay
~ Devil's Night is October 30th growing up this meant cars were soaped and egged and trees were toilet papered
~ Do not peek in church windows on Halloween or you will see the Devil
~ Do not look into a mirror by candlelight on Halloween or the Devil will appear
~ Do burn a real candle in you Jack O' Lanterns on Halloween Night it will keep the Devil away
I did try and find some vintage Devils on ebay and etsy and there wasn't really that much. I do think if you collect them now is the best time to try and find some.


Guillaume said...

Oh but the Devil is such a fascinating character! And he has so many guises, AND has his place in Halloween lore. I blogged about Satan and I intend to blog about him in the upcoming weeks!

yoborobo said...

I love the vintage devils. Seems to me I recall a couple of my friends dressing up as the devil for Halloween when we were little. Red clothes, some horns, and ba da bing! :) xox

Jeanne said...

Vintage Devil images are the BEST!

Magic Love Crow said...

Wicked, very wicked! Love this post! Take Care Becca ;o)