Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Batty

An amazing vintage postcard with a bat and candle magic.

A spooky front porch from Martha Stewart.

Another wonderful Halloween postcard.
A very cool Dennison die-cut 1920's.
Gone Batty Folklore
~ Bats in many cultures symbolized death
~ As nocturnal creatures they roost in underground caves, old barns and spooky places
~ Known as Witches familiars
~ Bats are Witches in disguise
~ Sacred to Goddess Freya
~ They are a symbol of good luck
~ A symbol of rebirth
~ Vampire bats which I will discuss when I do a post on Vampires


Flora said...

What wonderful graphic you got here Becca, TFS!!I'm pinning them ok? BTW I love your spooky tree !!!!

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Flora and happy pinning:)

Jeanne said...

I have always had an adoration for bats. Such wonderful little creatures. My DIL is giving a workshop on bats next weekend (she works for the state dept. of wildlife) - alas , I am doing a show and am going to miss it. :0(

Magic Love Crow said...

Witches in disguise and a symbol of good luck! I like ;o) I am so loving these posts!!!