Friday, October 12, 2012

Freaky Friday

Creepy, Creepy yikes!  I just thought I'd share these with you I never really liked basements. The older the home the scarier they are. My friend had one with a dirt floor and it was were they had to do laundry. It was always spooky!
The make-up job is amazing and yet very disturbing!


yoborobo said...

Oh, the one with the clown guy under the stairs - OMG! lol! Luckily, our basement is finished, and looks pretty normal, otherwise I wouldn't go down there. :)) Have a spooky fun weekend! xox

Guillaume said...

The number one and three are really scary.

Magic Love Crow said...

The make-up job one, really freaked me out!! I don't like basements either! LOL!