Friday, October 5, 2012

Apple Lore and Halloween

Above are wonderful examples of Vintage Halloween Postcards which show Autumn Apples.
Here is some Halloween Folklore about our favorite fruit.
~ We have the Roman Festival of Pomona to thank for our Apple lore which celebrated the fruit 
~ Apples symbolize love, divination, fertility.
~ Apple bobbing originated during this time as a way to for tell your future.
~ Peeling the Apple in a long strip and throwing it over your shoulder would give you the initial of  
   your true love.
~ An Apple buried on Halloween insures good luck and safe passage to wandering souls on
    All Hallows Eve.
~ These buried Apples may also bring you a visit from a unicorn.
~ Eating an Apple on Halloween will bring health and luck for the coming year.
~ Apple Trees mark the entrance into the Otherworldly realm.
There is much more folklore on Apples to be found these are just a few examples I found interesting.
An elderly woman lived at the crossroads when I was a child. She always gave us Apples for Trick or Treating. And she always put a penny in our pillow case. She said it was for luck.
There is a game where you put a coin in an Apple and hang it up. The person who gets the coin in their teeth first wins.


Jessica Penot said...

Do crab apple trees mark the door to the other world? I hope so because I have some nice Crab apple trees. Great post. I love the post cards.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful lore on Apples! I can remember receiving apples when I went trick-or-treating. And I grew up learning that every witch had an apple tree in her yard!

Beautiful images!

magikalseasons said...

Hi Jess and Jeanne!
You know crabapples are the wild ancestor of our modern apples. So you may have a very good and wilder door to the other world in your yard Jessica!

yoborobo said...

A visit from a UNICORN?? I am all over this. And I have a big yard, so I can bury plenty of apples! Love your blog - it's so festive with your Halloween sidebars. :) xox

Magic Love Crow said...

I have to peal an apple and see what letter I get! Love all these tales! Take Care, Becca!

Guillaume said...

Grat post and gorgeous cards. I think I am going to eat an apple tonight.