Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampire's I Love

Don't you just love Vampires! My first encounter with them was as a very young child. Sesame Streets Count Von Count and his counting obsession thrilled me as a kid. I loved his maniacal laugh and that he could "poof" turn into a bat!
Here's my version of a quirky Vampire. Thank You so Much he is SOLD!
Sir Graves Ghastly was the other Vampire we allowed into our house growing up. My mom an avid Scary Movie fan would draw the curtains and we'd watch Sir Graves. He would come on before the actual movie. Does anyone remember him? Watch the You Tube clip if you'd like a blast from the past. Silly yes scary no! He dressed in drag a alot. The opening is the part I remember and loved.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrate Halloween 365

My copy of the Halloween 2010 issue of Celebrate 365 Magazine came in the mail yesterday! I was thrilled to be included with friends and many Halloween Folk Artists I admire. My Orange and Black Cat sugar cookie Ornaments are featured and one of my Skull Ornaments! The back cover also features my Pumpkin Ornament. Thank you bunches to Connie Porcher for including me! I really enjoyed the articles on Scott Smith and Johanna Parker. This issue is just packed with Treats! You can order a single copy if you'd like click here to be magically transported. Please click on the picture for a better view. :)
If you're interested in my Ornaments they are all available in my Etsy Shop. You can click the link on my sidebar to be transported.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Brewing

This week I'm working on both Halloween and Christmas. I've got some Owls and a Mushroom Ornament I'll be finishing. I've also have more Gingerbread Men and Women we can't forget the ladies! I'm excited about the Hollies & Berries ornament. So back to work for me wishing everyone a wonderful and creative day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Winner of Some Sweet Treats from Retro Rudolphs!

Lucky me I won these Treats from Lori at Retro Rudolph's! Lori is one of my favorite Halloween Artists! Her Vintage Style Halloween pieces are really amazing. She's also does the most wonderful Halloween Graphics you can find her blog here. Oh and she'll be at the Spooky Time Jingles Soiree show which features Lori and some of my very favorite Artists. Halloween Treats and Christmas galore will be at this show so if you can go! I wish I could! These Treats came in the mail today and I was Screaming with Halloween delight! The packaging is great to and I almost didn't want to open them. I had to though because they are going to hang on my Spooky Tree! Thank You Lori!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finding Halloween in the Grocery Store

This time of year you can find all kinds of food and snacks packaged for Halloween. Here's a few fun things I found today. Pumpkin Pals sugar cookies once a year why not. My boys like them. I don't bake much I just don't have time to make sugar cookies from scratch. Boo Berry fruit Roll-Ups is this going to turn their tongues blue? I'm not sure but I couldn't find the the cereal. Halloween Crunch it turns the milk green I find that gross but it's well liked in my house. Lastly Halloween Oreo's I didn't pick those someone snuck those in. So I was wondering if I'm the only one giving into Halloween packaging? I couldn't find the pumpkin spice coffee creamer that's one thing I actually use.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Want To Play?

My closet is an endless pit of clothes and lost things. Well, two years ago I bought Booo-opoly a Halloween version of Monopoly. I found it this morning while looking for something else. We never did play it so this year I think it's time to bust out and Play! I was wondering what other Halloween games were out there so I went on Amazon. I found Halloween Yahtzee which you can find used and for a steep price maybe Ebay you could find it for less. I think I'd like to get Bump in the Night looks spooky! So who wants to play?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Giveaway's Galore BWBA

So Many Giveaway's what an amazing time of year. Yet again some of my very favorite Artists are giving away the Halloween Goods! So go check out all the Treats! Click here to be transported! I also wanted to add that I have won some wonderful treats in giveaways so don't hesitate people really do win! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Fall is just a few days away!:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Did you know that gingerbread dates back to ancient times? Ginger and other spices were used as a cure for tummy aches. Small gingerbread cakes with symbols of the sun were used to celebrate the return of the sun at the Winter Solstice. When the cost of spices brought to Europe from the Middle East dropped gingerbread became more popular. The first Gingerbread Man was said to have been created for Queen Elizabeth I. After the publication of the Grimm's Brother's fairy tales in the 1800's Gingerbread houses and men became very popular. I though that was fun info who knew! I just finished my first Gingerbread Man of the season. I think he looks good enough to eat. He's here if you'd like to catch him!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trick Or Treat Street Giveaway!

Halloween Goodies await you at Trick or Treat Street! Three of my very Favorite Artists are showing off their Treats! And no Tricks they are giving away some wonderful Halloween Goodies! Lori at Retro Rudolph's , Amelia at Sweet B's, Len at Happy Holiday's their Treats will blow you away! So click Here to be transported to Trick Or Treat Street!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've Been Published and I'm Flying Over The Halloween Moon!

I'm filled with Halloween Happiness to be included in the Halloween issue of Celebrate 365 Magazine A Journal For The Ornament Enthusiast! I'm so honored to be included with some of my very Favorite Artists! Scott Smith who is a real master of Halloween Art graces the front cover! Joanne Harper designed the back cover and I adore her paintings. They are nostalgic and they will sing and dance you all the way to Halloween Town!
My Pumpkin Jack O' Lantern Ornament is featured on the Back Cover. I'm Thrilled that he is among such truly amazing Artists and Halloween Art! I'm also lucky to have several of my ornaments featured inside too!
So I'm Flying over the Halloween Moon and I may not come back for a while! You can subscribe to Celebrate 365 magazine here!
Most importantly I'd like to Thank Connie Porcher who is the publisher of Celebrate 365 for including me! I can't Thank You enough Connie!!! I can't wait to get my copy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween Inspiration

I'm making a Frankenstein Ornament. I caught these Franks last year playing in our Haunted woods. They are all the inspiration I needed! Spooky Sunday everyone!
If you'd like visit some Darker Treats click here and be transported to Etsy where darkness is lurking.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Amazing Artist & Thank You!

I'm always on the Hunt for Amazing Halloween Art! I've found this Artist on Etsy! You can find her amazing work here! I don't know how she gets such detail into these glass beads my guess is it's magic!
Thank you Lisa for featuring my shop! I'm honored! You Rock!
You know I've meet the most wonderful artists through etsy, blogland and ebay! I feel very blessed! Thank you all for your friendship! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Brews So Many Too Choose!

I was surprised to see so many Halloween Beers at my local store. I have tried Autumn blends before but I've never explored these Halloween Beers. I'm more of a Wine person. But I have to admit Halloween Beer would go well on a crisp Autumn's Eve with a bonfire and a hayride don't you think! Here's just a few that I found.

Hex Brew by The Magic Hat Brewing Company their beers are a trip and you must check out their website for some wicked fun!
Jaw-Jacker Ale by Arcadia Ales they also have other creepy varieties I have yet to explore.
Screamin' Pumpkin Spiced Ale by Michigan Brewing Company. I've heard it's good but I've never tried it.
We did get another variety I'll have to chill it and let you know if I like it. Have a Wicked Good Friday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There's something so wrong...

Yet so right about this foot! Spook Shows blog posted a couple days ago about this fantastical Vintage Halloween and Holiday auction. If you love Vintage Halloween you must go see some of the most wonderful Vintage Halloween finds I've ever see. They are way out of my price range but I'm wondering what they will go for! Oh and don't forget to check out Spook Shows too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halloween Imagery

These are from a wonderful 1950's table cloth. I love everything about this the colors and Halloween Characters. Ebay is a wonderful place to find Vintage Halloween and fantastic original Halloween Art too! Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Halloween Bathroom!

I want this Bathroom Set! I'd be tempted to keep it up year round! If we ever get the 3rd bath in our basement this is what I'd have in there. You may have seen the scary ones a play on the Psycho Movie. This one is more classic Halloween and you can find it here. Wishing everyone a wonderful and creative weekend!