Monday, October 12, 2009

A Few Halloween Favorites

The first pic. is of a vintage plastic pumpkin. I know they made Gurley Candles like this. We used to have Gurley Halloween Candles. If I smelled one it would bring back some strong memories. I'll have to check for some on ebay.

The next pic. is some favorite die-cuts they are not vintage. They are Beistle reprints of vintage Halloween. I have these hanging all over. The witches do tend to scare the kids.

The last shot is some older primitive wood do dads I've made. They are scarp wood painted up silly.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!


Autumnforest said...

So cute and nostalgic. I wish the old retro Halloween stuff from the early 70s would come back in all the Halloween doo-dads for sale in the stores. I love the touch of folk art and the plastics. It makes me all sentimental.

Georgina said...

Very nostalgic....I love the little wooden do-dads...very cute!

magikalseasons said...

Oh I agree Autumn! You have to really hunt ot find new repros. I was super happy to find the die-cuts. I know the Vermont Country store has some candle repros. Otherwise if you want real vintage ebay is the place. I have ordered several of the paper die-cuts. They really take me back to my childhood and all it's magic. My folks really got into Halloween in the 70's they had some wild parties. :)

yoborobo said...

Becca - I love your do-dads the best. I know what you mean about the cut-outs. I've saved some from when my kids were little, and I still put them up. They like to see them even though most of them are all grown pumpkinheads now. :) xox Pam

Anonymous said...

I remember that first pumpkin from waaaaay back! Lord, I AM old! LOL!


halloween spirit said...

Very cute! Love your wooden do-dads :)