Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Fall & Mr. Tree

Oh Christmas Tree why are you so silly? I know too much time in the woods alone! He's now in my etsy shop.

This sugar maple was on fire! I love the gold and red. It also has a touch of orange pink. Amazing! The other tree is a shagbark hickory.

This post is out of order. Why well because I'm super tired. I think we have a mouse in our house. If it was not a mouse then maybe a ghost. Great I love waking up at 4 am! Yikes! Have a great day everyone!


Dede said...

He is so cute Becca! The pictures are gorgeous. Our trees here are still green, waiting for the colorful season to happen here. Sorry to hear hubby is leaving....


Renee said...

The colours are beautiful in the tree and your creations are full of life.

Renee xoxo

magikalseasons said...

Thanks so much! :) xo

Suzie said...

How joyous your trees look against that sky! It gives one a good reason to smile!

And another are your delightful creations! I can always count on them to make me grin from ear to ear, just like they do (if they had ears! lol)

They are like little Happy Pills that you don't have to swallow! Just looking at them for just a few seconds, does the trick!

I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next!

(and maybe that is a little Christmas Mouse! She saw what you've been making, and came in to help you celebrate!)

Sarah said...

Oh he's beautiful hon!! I'm trying to get in the Christmas's not working.....the fall trees are stunning!! Hugs to you, Sarah

magikalseasons said...

Thanks you've all put the frosting on the cake for me today! :)

Lisa said...

That last shot of the tree looking up is breath taking, needs to hang on my wall...O Christmas Tree