Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Raggedy Ann & Snowman

That's me as Raggedy Ann. 1970 something. I feel Raggedy today we have yuck flu over here. No fun. The snowman ornament is chilling in my etsy shop. Have a great day everyone and stay healthy!


Brenda LaBell said...

Awww Becca what a great Halloween memory. You were a very cute Raggedy Ann.

Love your new snowman ornament!! Your ornaments are just so adorable and cheerful!! You are getting so much done girl!!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!


magikalseasons said...

Thanks Brenda! Not good timing for any of us to be sick!

Sarah said...

Oh what a wonderful picture and I just love all of your creations!! wonderful hon!! Hugs, Sarah

greekwitch said...

Sanding healing thoughts your way..

Suzie said...

Becca, your ornies look like confections, that would be SO good to eat! lol

I'm so sorry to hear that the bugs have found your family. I hope that you are all feeling better so that you can enjoy your Halloween!

Healing Hugs!

Lisa said...

Great Raggedy, Becca. Feel better, and love your chill'n!
Take care, cause ya gotta' have candy...Lisa

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Great photo, fab ornament, and sending your family well wishes. We have already done the flu thing and it's NO FUN!

halloween spirit said...

Hope you all feel better soon. Love the vintage photo!

Dede said...

The snowman is so cute! You were an awesome Raggedy Ann. So sorry to hear that you have an ill family. Take time to rest and get healthy again.