Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pumpkins making Progress

Well with all the rain we are getting they are doing great! No varmints are eating them. My tomatoes and other veggies are gone. The deer-off spray washes away in rain. My herbs for the most part are fine. I'm just hoping to get a few nice size carving pumpkins! I'll keep you posted.
I've been under the weather and it's hard to create so I've been playing on the computer a lot. Made some Etsy Treasuries. Why well I love shopping and for me it's like window shopping. I never get bored with that. Plus there is just so much talent and amazing art on Etsy.
Here's a Spellbound one.
Here's a Raven one.
Wishing all a wonderful Sunday!


Saskia said...

Looks good, the pumpkins!! I'm patiently waiting for my tomatoes here... love to see it grow!!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, how I love pumpkins! They are the perfect thing for you to grow. We cannot grow them here because they just require too much watering. But I most certainly can't wait for pumpkin season. There is so much magic in the air! Theresa

Dede said...

Tickled that your pumpkins are growing so well for you! Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling good. Off to check out your treasuries, they are always so cool. Wishing you well very soon!


magikalseasons said...

Hi Saskia love your anme btw! I can't wait for tomatoes too. I hve some in pots on the deck. :)
Hi Theresa I'd grow them inside wouldn't that be fun. lol :)
Hi Dede thanks I'm not sure why this cold will not leave me. It's the neverending cold. Maybe tomarrow!

Designs By CK said...

GREAT and good luck with your pumpkins!

Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks too again for all your lovely compliments on my work.

Chris :-)

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Very nice! My pumpkin plants are doing good too. And they are from seeds that fell to the ground at our Pumpkin Carving party 2 years ago. And they are growing in 3-4 different spots in our yard...ha! One has even formed a long vine. Ours have never made it this far before, I wonder when the punkins start showing?

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Chris! :)

Jessica Penot said...

Hope you get to feeling better! I can't grow anything, so I'm very envious of your pumpkins.

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Jessica! We shall see if I get any! The vines look nice though. :)