Thursday, June 10, 2010

Acorn & Oak Leaf Ornament and fun Folklore

The perfect Autumn symbol is the Acorn and Oak. Within the Acorn holds the potential of the might Oak Tree. Oaks are associated with the Druids. According to the Ogham Script(an ancient Celtic tree alphabet) Oak(English) is Duir(Irish) associated with doorway and endurance. The Druids were known to practice and gather in sacred Oak Groves. Also linked to Green Man, Zeus and Thor.
If you catch a falling Oak leaf in Autumn before it hits the ground you will be protected from colds during the winter months. I need to try that I'll get the whole family out there!
Acorns also hold magical properties: strength, courage. This power is stronger during the Oak Moon. Sleep with them under your pillow and you may over come challenges in your life. My 5 year old likes to do this an it seems to work well for him. I didn't tell him too he just does. I also find rocks, leaves and twigs under his pillows. What can I say we are very in tune with nature living in the woods!

Oops almost forgot it's Treasury Thursday for Magical Holiday Artists Team! The Theme this week is Enchanting Realms. Check out some of our new team members! :)
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yoborobo said...

Becca - I love that your son puts acorns and rocks under his pillow. :) He knows that's a good place for his treasures. :) I am going to try the falling oak leaf thing this year! xox Pam

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Love love love the acorn and oak leaf! Thank you for explaining the the mythology of both. :) Theresa

magikalseasons said...

I know Pam you never know it could work!
Thanks Theresa :)

Brenda LaBell said...

Love your Oak Leaf and Acorn Ornament!! Love the story too!! I so need to get out there in Fall and catch up a leaf, last year I had the worse cold / flu virus I have ever had, ackkkk. I love when the kids are little they take such pleasure in the simple things!!

Thank you for joining the Wool Wednesday Challenge, I can't wait to see what everyone creates with their wool!! Thanks for adding our banner to your blog too!! What color would you like???

Have a great weekend Becca!!
BTW - Are you moving to my neck of the woods??? Cool...Email me!!

Dede said...

I love you new Ornament! I can see all of us this fall outside trying to catch all of the oak leaves before they hit the ground. LOL Your five year old is amazing! Wishing you an awesome weekend!


magikalseasons said...

Thanks Brenda I'm looking forward to trying out the cool wool!:) Have a great weekend too. I sent you a message about upstate.
Hi Dede thank you! Wishing a fantastic weekend too!

Jeanne said...

How fun!
Really must try catching the leaf this Autumn. And will definitely give the acorns under the pillow a try.

And what a happy leaf! Wonderful!