Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Candy Corn and other Wips

It's not easy to get things finished. I have so much going on at one time. I'm finishing up the Black Cats and Acorns and now Candy Corns. The little Halloween faces are for some new ornaments I'm working on. My youngest has some sort of high fever flu bug and he just wants me. Maybe this weekend I can finish. So I'm off to take care of my little one. I sure would love a nap today we had a rough night. More coffee please!

Here's an Magical Holiday Artists Etsy Treasury check out these fun picks!


MidnightsDreams said...

I really like those little guys.

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Wow - they are awesome!!! They'd be fabulous as badges. :) Theresa

Jeanne said...

Gotta Love That Candy Corn! :0)

Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon! ♥

Autumnforest said...

As crazy as it sounds--that's how I picture candy corn making expressions!

Brenda LaBell said...

Becca, just when I think you can't possibly come up with any more cuteness you do it again!!! Love the Candy Corn Sculpts, they are awesome!!

Happy Wednesday

halloween spirit said...

Love the candy corn!

Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. Spring colds are the worst :/

Dede said...

Oh I so love candy corn, but your are so much more fun! Wishing your little guy is better real soon, and of course a nap for you too.


magikalseasons said...

Thanks so much you all made my day! And thank you for the well wishes Michael is better on meds. but but better! :)

Birgit said...

Hi Becca,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog -- I always enjoy getting feedback. :)

Currently, I have a little giveaway on my blog which is open until April 24.

Greetings from Munich,

Halloween Spirit said...

Love those little candy corns!
I have an award for you on my blog.

Suzie said...

Awww, Becca, I do hope that your little one is feeling better by now! I'm so sorry I missed this when you posted it.

Your candy corn pieces are a delight, as are all of your creations! They never fail to make me smile1