Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Rainbow of Violets and the Butterflies that need them

Photos of the Butterflies are by Jaret C. Daniels
The Top Butterfly is the Great Spangled Fritillary and the second one is the Silver-bordered Fritillary. Both of these beautiful Butterflies use violets as their larval host plants!
So plant some violets or just dig them out of the lawn and plant them back in the garden like I do. The butterflies will thank you!


Jeanne said...

Great shots!
I had tons of violets bloom this year. And with all of them going to seed, I'm sure there will be even more next year. :0)

But alas, I have no yellow ones. :0( Must go find some....They are quite pretty!

magikalseasons said...

Hi Jeanne if I can save some seeds I'll send them to you! :)

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh beautiful Becca! I love butterflies and the violets well simply my favorite! Have them all over the yard and happy to let them mulitply. Am not a perfect lawn kinda gal..the violets and eyebright, mint, plantain and dandelions are all welcome. Do you have yellow ones????? Wow I want some of those!!!
Hugs and love, Sarah

yoborobo said...

We have tons of the wild ones growing everywhere - is that the same thing? :) When we mow, I always leave 'fairy circles' which is really just a patch of wild flowers. The bees and the butterflies (and the fairies!) need them. And with 6 acres, it means I have less to mow - haha! :) xo Pam

magikalseasons said...

Yes Pam they are the same as the wild ones.:) 6 acres I'd make more flower beds mow less. That's nice that you leave the wildflowers! Oh I'd love to run ove there and convert some of that 6 acres to native wilflowers for you. You still would have to mow but not as often!

Sarah I'll save some of the yellow seeds for you too! They haven't gone to seed yet but I'll snag some when they do.:)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a wonderful idea!!! That is such a gorgeous butterfly. I've never seen one of those before. Theresa

Dede said...

They are gorgeous Becca! Just beautiful! I love to watch butterflies, each one is so different. Enjoying your yard with you, thanks for sharing.


Brenda LaBell said...

I love violets and Johnny Jump Ups!! The purple ones always pop up around here. Wildflowers are so pretty.

Congrats on your Award from Sherry, you so deserve it!!


Suzie said...

I've got the common introduced ones growing here and spreading in the grassy areas, and in the gardens, but I let them go. Some consider them invasive weeds, and spray to keep them out, but I love them and if they come into my habitat, they are staying.
I used to have the Downey Yellow, the White, and the Longspur, which are all native to this area. There are dozens of native species of violets, and like most plants, not all will grow in all regions.
Not only is this due to different climates and soil preferences, but also scientists have found that seeds grown from a certain gene pool will not necessarily survive in a different part of the country, even if it is the same kind of plant.