Thursday, March 7, 2013

Need a laugh

I found these funnies on Pinterest. They made me laugh that's the best medicine! 


Jeanne said...

These are so funny!!!! I'm tempted to do the random text thing......
And I do believe I'll tell one of my kids to be the Grim Reaper at my funeral!
Thanx for sharing! :0)

Ms Misantropia said...

Love these, you made me smile :)

Dede said...

They all made me laugh, but that random text I just might do. Will let you know the results. LOL Wishing you a day filled with laughter!


Magic Love Crow said...

These are hilarious! I can't stop laughing! Thanks Becca ;o) Have a great weekend ;o)

Lisa said...

Loved these, and yep, they do make you giggle. need a giggle to start off the day.

have the best ever weekend, Becca.