Monday, November 19, 2012

Krampus the Christmas Devil

Yes folks it is approaching that time of year again. December 6th is known as Krampus Day/night. When St. Nick has a horrible side kick Krampus. This magical Christmas Devil does not give out treats or gifts. He carries branches to spank the bad. Not only children but adults also. If you are really bad he will carry you off and throw you in the pit of Hell. Such offenders like abusers, back stabbers, cheaters, liars will be roasted in Hell. I'm sure we all know people who need a good whack or perhaps a worse fate. I know I do!
My newest Krampus is pictured above and I just finished him. He is vintage inspired and if you'd like a closer look he's in my etsy shop. He's larger than the one I made last year. Wishing you all a great week and don't be naughty!


yoborobo said...

Krampus always looks to me like he was an original member of KISS. I love yours! He looks so cute in the snow with the trees - lol. And I do know some people that need a good whack or two. I wonder if Krampus has a suggestion box. :) xox

Justine's Halloween said...

I was going to say that the first Krampus pictured was the cutest Krampus ever, but then I saw your creation! Those are both adorable. The middle two, not so much. ;)

Magic Love Crow said...

Well, maybe I want a spanking? LOL! Or is that too much information? LOL! Hope I made you smile ;o) Your Krampus looks excellent my friend ;o)