Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snowman and bunny

I just finished these two. I know Christmas is over but  I felt like finishing this snowman. Bunny is not an ornament he just sits or hops. He's aged and worn looking. I was wondering all you artists out there what do you used for aging an item? I just used watered down brown paint.
I hope to get a few more springy things finished. I am also working on Halloween again. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


Magic Love Crow said...

I think your art is so precious! They are all so unique! I love them! For aging, I do the same, watered down paint. Have a great sunday ;o)

Lisa said...

Happy Valentines Day...Becca!
I have 3 snowmen I didn't finish, thanks for reminding me. I love the style of the bunny. I use an umber oil paint that mixes with water. I love it because you don't have to dig out the turp to clean up with. You brush or rub it on, wipe off with a damp cloth, and presto, aged patina.
going to work with it today in fact.

Have a great heart day,


yoborobo said...

I use water-down brown paint, too. :) I love your new little guys, they are so cute! And I am finishing a snowman that didn't get finished in December. Better late...or maybe I am really early! xox

magikalseasons said...

Thank you Stacy! :)
Hi Pam & Lisa!
Lisa I will have to try that thank you:)

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Love them both Becca!
In reference to your question I use a combo of paste waxes by Briwax, a clear mixed with a hint of Tudor brown. Sometimes I have a bit of heavy hand with the brown, but a few more swipes of the clear to cut through and all is a-okay. I use a lint free cloth to buff to a satin sheen - or if you want a gloss you can buff with a piece of nylon hosiery.

Hope this offers you another option. ~ Lori

magikalseasons said...

Thank you Lori I knew you used wax in some form. I love the look you get with your amazing work! I will have try that. I think we have some my husband has used that in the past for his art.:)

Vintage by Crystal said...

I use a classic tea-stain...that works for absorbent materials. I've also heard of artists who bury their work in the ground for a certain number of weeks to obtain that aged look. I just hope they remember where they buried their work! :)