Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday the 13th

Don't you just love a Black Cat on Friday the 13th! I found all these cool cats at Etsy. I also finally learned how to add these treasury widgets to my blog. Go to to learn how. They have great tools for Etsy sellers over there.
Here's some fun folklore on Black Cats
-they are considered good luck on ships
- fisherman's wives keep them to keep hubby safe while at sea
-good luck in Scotland, Europe and Japan
-unlucky if crossing a gambler's path
-they can shapeshift
- Witches familiars
Ailurophobia is fear of cats. I'm not I once had 7 of them: Nightshade, Hekate, Cobweb, Luna, Spooky, Stinky, Misha. I miss them.


Maria Rivera said...

I just love black cats! On Friday 13 even better!

Jessica Penot said...

Wonderful kitties! Happy Friday the 13th~!

yoborobo said...

I have had a black cat since I can remember. They find me. I'm not even kidding. One was outside on my bedroom windowsill in a rainstorm. Just a little kitten! We have two black cats now. One found my daughter a few years ago. LOL! Lovely treasury! Happy weekend - xox Pam

Mina said...

I adore black cats! What a fabulous Friday the 13th post.

eimear brennan said...

great post!...have a cat called Aurelia (she was at one time known as Stinky)

Guillaume said...

Oh I love cats! Black cats especially. They are a blessing as far as I'm concerned. And they do give me good luck: