Saturday, February 26, 2011

Springy Things

I finished some Bunnies. They aren't your typical Easter Bunnies I thought it would be fun to make them brighter. The silly Easter Eggs I made last year. Having all these characters hanging around the house has been inspiring for my son. He drew the Humpty Dumpty which I'm planning to frame. I just love it!
The Bunnies & Eggs are in my Etsy Shop if you'd like to see more of them. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

Awwwww I just love your bunnies!! And your eggs are darling...I so love kiddo art! I swear we go through a ream of paper a week here!!
I got your package hon..thank you so much..I know Dede will love it hon!!
Hugs and love to you, Sarah

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Sarah! So glad you got the package. I think stamps exloded lol! :)

ornamentsbypink said...

Hi Becca, sweet little bunnies! And is that a Deviled Egg I see in the second picture?
Have a nice day!

magikalseasons said...

Hi Mary, & thanks yep that's a deviled egg. :)

yoborobo said...

Becca - your work always makes me smile. And I adore your son's drawing!! :) I hope it is warming up where you are. We got SUNSHINE! Woot! xox Pam