Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampire's I Love

Don't you just love Vampires! My first encounter with them was as a very young child. Sesame Streets Count Von Count and his counting obsession thrilled me as a kid. I loved his maniacal laugh and that he could "poof" turn into a bat!
Here's my version of a quirky Vampire. Thank You so Much he is SOLD!
Sir Graves Ghastly was the other Vampire we allowed into our house growing up. My mom an avid Scary Movie fan would draw the curtains and we'd watch Sir Graves. He would come on before the actual movie. Does anyone remember him? Watch the You Tube clip if you'd like a blast from the past. Silly yes scary no! He dressed in drag a alot. The opening is the part I remember and loved.


Suzie said...

I love your little Vampire!! You even got his unique hair style in there! lol Well done!!!

Guillaume said...

My favourite is still Dracula...the one from Stoker's novel. Then there is Christopher Lee's Dracula.

magikalseasons said...

Oh I agree G. They were the best!

halloween spirit said...

Your vampire is adorable! Friendly vampires were always my favourites. :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Great choices! Some of my favorite "modern" vampires >> Angel, Spike, and the Salvatore Brothers from Vampire Diaries. Theresa

HUNBUN 22 said...

Do you remember or eat Count Chocula??
We must be around the same age..Sesame Street ..Capt. Noah..Capt.
I also did a Dracula
Check him out