Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are you an Autumn person?

Well if you are you will Scream with Halloween delight when you visit my friend Wendy and her blog for us Autumnal Folks! Wendy is a super talented photography and graphic artist! I love her work and her blog takes you to Halloween Town which is were some of us feel more comfortable. I won these Treats in her Dark giveaway and I'm so excited to frame up my Witch print. Oh and she has an Etsy shop too which is filled with Halloween Treats and Spooky Goodies! Thank you again Wendy!

I am going to Michael's today for some fall inspiration. I heard the Fall stuff is out. It's next door to the book store. My oldest will be turning 11 and he asked for a book for his Birthday! He's an easy one to shop for and I love that reading is his thing for now anyway! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend stay cool if you can!


Dede said...

George and I were talking about kids and books last night. One out of the seven kids still really enjoys reading. So what did you get at Michael's? Wishing you a wonderful week!


magikalseasons said...

Hi Dede! They had lots of fall fake flowers and only a few skulls and such. I got two detail brushes. Really needed them! I'm so rough on brushes. I wanted lots but have to wait for now. Until then window shopping will have to do. Have a great week too! :)

Guillaume said...

I am absolutely an Autumn person. I prepare myself mentally for Halloween by mid-August, usually, since I am a child.

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Aw golly gee're making me blush! Thank you so much for your very nice write up. And I'm happy to know that you received your care package. :o)

I'm having a crazy busy week this week so I'm behind on my blog following. But you are truly the best and a kindred spirit too! Thanks again my friend for being such a wonderful inspiration! :o)