Monday, January 4, 2010

Love and Snowman

I'm working on Hearts. Love Valentine's Day!

This is one of the five snowmen we made with the kids. It warmed up that day we made it into the 30's. Wind chills are burtal here! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Sarah said...

O oh oh they are beautiful hon!! I love the hearts!
The snowman..too fun!! We don't have ANY snow..pouring rain! Yesterday it was so warm I had my windows open!!!?? WE WANT SNOWWWWWW!
How are ya hon?? Hugs, Sarah

yoborobo said...

Those are some might sweet hearts. :)) I love that snowman. He is uber cool! xox Pam

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Sarah and Pam! I'm good just trying to stay warm!

icandy... said...

I love, love, love Valentine's day, too! It's my absolute favorite!
**HAPPY NEW YEAR** to you!

Brenda LaBell said...

Becca the hearts are adorable!! The snowman is cute, we haven't made one yet this year, no good packing snow yet. The grandkids love making snowmen and snowladies!


Rue said...

Pretty hearts! Valentines do brighten up a dreary Winter!

Suzie said...

What delicate little hearts with a lot of meaning! I love their graceful simplicity!!

And I love old fashioned snowmen. Just looking that them makes you smile.

If you want to make some more, come over to my side of the state! As of yesterday, we have gotten 30 inches of snow since Friday night, and we are under a winter snow advisory until this evening, with another 4 inches expected. I'll keep the light on for you! lol

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Brenda, Rue and Suzie!

Oh Suzie 30 inches Yikes! Way too cold for snowmen now. My kids would love that much snow! It's great if you don't have to go anywhere! :)

Dede said...

Five snowmen? Wow the kids were busy! LOL The hearts are so simple and pretty, very nice!


magikalseasons said...

Thanks Dede! :)