Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting distracted

I'm cleaning out my closet today. Santa needs a place to wrap and store gifts. While I was doing that I came across an old photo album. So I started looking and found some fun photos of days gone past I thought I'd share with you.

The first photo is dated December 13th 1942. My grandmother wrote on the back. This is my Grandmother and other family members getting their Christmas Tree from the woods near by. Looks like fun was had by all!

The next is of a a Christmas Tree but not that one. This photo was taken in 1938. When I was growing up we still used that kind of tinsel.

The last photo is of my Grandmother and her sister in law playing in the snow. I love this photo. Love those hats!

So the closet will have to wait because now I'm distracted but in a good way!

Have a wonderful day everyone and for those of you getting snow today don't forget to take sometime to play!


halloween spirit said...

Great photos! I love getting lost in old albums.

Autumnforest said...

Oh my gosh! Those are amazing and priceless. Can you believe, our family did up a huge Smorgasbord and Norwegian Christmas every year and a tree from our woods decorated with live candles (I can't believe I survived my childhood because we also made paper woven ornaments and straw reindeer). We have zero pictures of any of it. My parents sucked at photo taking. They missed just about everything important. I'd love to have photos like those. How fantastic! I like the women's outfits and shoes for their snow play. Hee hee

magikalseasons said...

Oh that sounds beautiful Autumn! It is amazing that real candles were used. I'd love to add some of the candle lights someday but not the real ones! Do you still have some straw ornaments? I have some that are from Poland. Mostly angels.

Jeanne said...

What wonderful family photos. :0)
I can remember using that kind of tinsel as well. Woe be to the person who brushed up against the tree with any amount of static cling! LOL

Thank you so much for sharing!

Dede said...

A great distraction! I would love to have family photos. The tinsel is something that I grew up with. LOL Can you imagine wearing those shoes in that weather? That is real talent there! I had a hard enough time staying on my feet in snow boots.


yoborobo said...

Great photos, Becca! Just think, some day your kids will be posting you and your ornaments on their blogs (or whatever they will have then!) xox Pam

Brenda LaBell said...

Oh my!! What great pictures and memories! I can't imagine getting my tree with a horse, lol. My mother recycled that tinsel from year to year. Even back then it was cheap but she insisted on reusing it and putting it on one strand at a time, ewwwwwww.

Have a great week Becca!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

Love your photos lady - I am totally "tinseling" the tree this year- feeling nostalgic. I remember as a kid - the cat would always try to eat the tinsel and end up throwing up on the carpet...ahhh happy times.


magikalseasons said...

Oh i forgot about the static cling Jeanne.
Oh no Pam I hope my kids won't blog about me. They already think I'm the weidest mom around! And you're right who know what they'll have then.
Sweet B hey do they still make tinsel? I looked and didn't see any. I'll have to look again! :)

Sarah said...

Oh Becca..I remember that kind of tinsle...wonderful pictures..I loved them!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!
I spend alot of time in the tub..candles and good smelling stuff too!! Bliss!! Hugs, Sarah