Saturday, November 21, 2009

Which Tree Classic or Retro Colors

I think the retro colored ornaments would be great on a white tree! Hum... maybe I'll get one this year. Have a great weekend everyone!


Suzie said...

I'm looking at each of those retro pieces, and nearly all of them have some pink accents in them.

I was just at a local nursery/gift shop where they decorate to the rafters, and they have a number of retro style trees in pink.

So when I saw your ornies, I immediately pictured them on a pink tree! I think that would really make them pop! And then the mainly white ornies would show off to their very best too! What a fun, fanciful tree that would be!

And yes, the traditional ones do look great on a traditional green tree. :-) It just looks SO happy!

Suzie said...

At the risk of irritating any friends from Ohio, you don't have to post this, but "GO BLUE!" lol


Dede said...

I like them both. Maybe one for the living room and one for the den? The Retro is very unique, I love unique!


magikalseasons said...

I saw some pink and blue trees at walmart. They were small and would be perect in a kids room or on a table. My son would love one in his room. Not this year his grandparents will be using his room for the holidays.

Suzie lol! I don't keep up with our local sports. My son was born at U of M so ok GO BLUE!

yoborobo said...

I vote for a glitzy pink tree for the retro ones, too! I've seen so many pink trees this year. I am tempted... haha! And the ones on the green tree looks fabulous - very traditional, but so fun! xo Pam

magikalseasons said...

Pam I think the boys would go for white but not the pink. I'd get grief. I'm surprised so many of you are on the computer today but glad! :)

Designs By CK said...

RETRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '-)

Sunday Greets

mE (-:

Anonymous said...

I like both although that's no help!

MarZel said...

I love it!! Happy Holidays!!