Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Magic Mushroom & JOL Buckets

This is the last of 3 Magic Mushrooms. This fellow holds a JOL bucket and he'll be in my Etsy Shop later today.
The other 2 buckets go with Mr. Owl whooo still needs his eye painted. Eyes are tricky they have to be close to perfect as I can get them! Have a Magical Wednesday everyone!


Lisa said...

Always love you magic mushrooms, and perfect for Autumn!

Happy day!

Georgina said...

I just had to giggle...the mushroom and his pumpkin are just too cute...very enjoyable little creations.

Dede said...

They are so sweet. Just love the expressions on their faces. Awesome job!

Stepp said...

The JOL are too wild. I love em.