Monday, November 12, 2012

Becca's Favorite Things 2012

Spooky good art by jadegoblin
Here's her etsy shop link
A tea cup that fits my personality!
By trixiedelicious etsy link here
A Wolf puppy who doesn't want one.
By PatchRabbit etsy link here

Vintage Mushroom Heads
By millesimdesigns etsy link here

So true!
By PaperBlue etsy link here

Enchanting Bell/ornament
By elukka etsy link here

My kind of ring!
By Rockcakes etsy link here

Hi Friends today is my Birthday! I wanted to post some of my favorite finds from etsy! These are hints for my family. I thought many of you would like these also. So I'm older and wiser and although my life isn't perfect it is perfectly mine and I am blessed for it. As for gifts I would love all these above but I really need some new paints and brushes which I get every year.


Jeanne said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! May your day be filled with oodles of fun and lots of love! ♥

yoborobo said...

Happy Birthday, Becca! I hope you have a wonderful day and get spoiled rotten, my friend. xox!

Justine's Halloween said...

Happy Birthday! :) Have fun celebrating, whatever you do.

"although my life isn't perfect it is perfectly mine and I am blessed for it." I really like that!

That first piece of art is so cute. Now I'm curious to see the rest of her shop!

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Birthday my wonderful friend!!! I hope you were spoiled!!! Big Hugs ;o)

magikalseasons said...

Hi friends thank you so much for my wishes! Now you all know wishes are presents so how lucky am I! xo Becca

Wendy the (Very Good Witch) said...

Hey Miss Becca...A VERY Happy Belated Birthday to you my friend! Hope you had an amazing day and that all your birthday wishes will come true this year! Hint Hint to the family ...ha! Love that pumpkin ring, so cute! :o)