Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fantasia (Walt Disney) - Night on Bald Mountain

Hi friends! Do you feel it? Fall is in the air!
This clip is sure to get you in a spooky Fall mood.  Back to painting Candy Corns for me. Enjoy your Sunday!


Dede said...

George said the same thing yesterday. There is a huge Maple tree at the end of the road and it is starting to change color. We are going to be blessed with an early Fall! If the rain doesn't stop, we may just have snow. Have an awesome weekend!

Knock Knock Street said...

I feel it and I love it! I can't take the heat, this is my favorite time of year for the weather and because halloween is coming! Every fall I watch the movie Halloween its not fall without it.

yoborobo said...

I feel it and I am so happy it is here! YAY!!!! xox

Magic Love Crow said...

Cool Becca ;o) I feel it ;o)