Friday, July 6, 2012

Tricks and Treats Sale on Ebay

Hi friends! I have listed many of my Halloweenies on ebay. Listings start at 9.99 I am trying to clear out some of my spooky designs. I need to start fresh and have alot of new spooky ideas for the season!
More importantly my son is turning 13, yes lucky 13 at the end of this month! He needs some dental work and I'm just about half way there as to paying for it.
So click here if you'd like to see my ebay listings. And if you are an artist ebay is offering free listings now through 8/1. 


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Becca ;o) Thanks ;o) Are you able to ship to Canada? Happy 13 to your son! Yeh ;o) His poor teeth! Not fun! Hugs ;o)

magikalseasons said...

Hi Stacy and thank you for the b-day wishes! I have shipped to Canada before the only issue is the post office can never give me a quote that is for sure. They said the last time I shipped it may or may not come back. I'm not sure why.