Thursday, May 17, 2012

Before hitting send... A Cautionary Tale

I love urban legends and any lore be it spooky or moral. This is one of those. It centers around a brother and his younger sister.

The brother was always generous and kind. He always cared very much for his little sister. He was there for her growing up in many ways. When he got older and worked he made birthdays and Christmas happen for her. He took on a father role. He always did what was asked of him by his mother. He was asked to do a lot more than in a normal family situation.
Then one day the parents moved very, very far away. This happened after the sister graduated from High School.  The responsibility of the younger sister was now the brothers. He cared for her the best he could but he was not her parents. He realized she would be better off with an older sister and off she went.
Although separated by distance the brother still cared for his sister. They saw each other when they could and he continued to do kind things for her. She was always welcome to visit any time under any circumstance. And she did.
Years passed and distance grew other family issue arose and the two became estranged.
One day the sister decided to send a series of mean spirited and hateful emails to her brother and his family. The brother who had only been kind to his little sister. The brother did not respond. In the last of the emails the sister said to her brother " I feel as though you are dead to me". Shortly after the younger sister was never seen or heard from again nor was her computer.

The moral of the tale is stop and think before hitting send!


Magic Love Crow said...

This is very creepy, but very good! I love the message!!!!

Lisa said...

how true...I think also, never leave a paper trail! Makes one think, though.

thanks, Becca,
have a great weekend.

Jessica Penot said...

I wish the people in my HOA would listen to this cautionary tale. Their caustic email posts make "I wish you were dead" look like a love letter. Good story.