Friday, July 2, 2010

Wool Challenge Pumpkin Man ornament

I finished Pumpkin Man ornament! I made this as part of Brenda's Wool Challenge. Thank you so much Brenda! It was fun seeing what I could make with the wool you sent. I've never worked with wool before. I didn't felt it. I pulled the wool into long strands and then wrapped it around a wire body. I used a twig for his stem and felt for his collar and face.
I'd also like to wish everyone a very Happy & Safe Holiday weekend. It's going to be very hot here. Sound like a beach weekend to me!


yoborobo said...

He's adorable, Becca. :) You and yours have a lovely 4th, too! xo Pam

Sarah said...

Oh...he is amazing....I looove him!! Great job hon!! Wasn't that fun??? Hugs, Sarah

rox said...

Oh I love it ! I too am just new to the wool thing . We visited a sheep farm two weeks ago and it was just awesome ! I so want to learn needle felting .
I'm going to peek at the wool challenge now ☺ Thanks

magikalseasons said...

Thanks Pam you too! xo
Thanks Sarah and Rox! I had fun I think I'd like to try with cotton too. :)

Dede said...

He is so cute Becca! I too loved the challenge, it was fun. Wishing you and your family a terrific 4th, be safe!


Magical Fairys said...

Becca he is sooo cute!! The challenge was a lot fun!!
You have a great 4th and stay safe!!

The Frog Queen said...

Oh, now he is just too cute!!


Jessica Penot said...

I love your halloween things! I have a little boy who is afraid of scary Halloween things so pieces like yours are what we need for a fun happy hallowenn.

Brenda LaBell said...

OMG Becca, he is adorable!! I love how you created him, very creative. I am having a blast with this challenge, it is amazing how many different creations came out of the same product!! I'm so glad you enjoyed our little challenge!!

Ummmmm, lol Becca. How did you know I was thinking cotton next, hahahaha. It's an addition of touchy feely once you start, lol!!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

((Big Hugs))

Georgina said...

Just too it. Hey, come on by my having a giveaway and try your luck. Drawing is July 10th. Have a great 4th!!

magikalseasons said...

Thanks everyone! Have a great 4th! Brenda thanks again it was a blast! :)