Thursday, May 6, 2010

Candy Corn - Noggin, Song

Well I do like Candy Corn! I love the animation. Maybe now I can get motivated to finish up my Candy Corns!


magikalseasons said...

Sorry if you can't hear because of my playlist. If you scroll down you can turn that off. Have a treat filled day all!

Georgina said...

This is so cute! You're right about the animation...just great! However, I LOVE candy corn, but don't eat it due to the high sugar content and my diabetes don't mix, but I still love it!!!

Jeanne said...

I L♥VE me some CANDY CORN!!!

Too cute!

Dede said...

I love candy corns too! The little candy corn daisy was cute at the end. Just a thought.. George thought your mushroom was to cool.


prim country farms said...

How cute is that!! LOL
I do like candy corn.

yoborobo said...

I don't like candy corn, it is too sweet. I know, you'd think that would make me love it, since I love all sorts of other sweets - haha! BUT I love the way it looks, and I love your candy corns. :) Happy weekend - xox! Pam